• Inline Editing

    Edit your page's data on the actual page and see results immediately

  • Simple Interface

    An intuitive design gives your clients almost no learning curve to learn how to manage their site

  • Import Existing Static Pages

    Easily import and keep your static view files in sync with FUEL's built-in auto-detection capabilities

  • Manage Users & Permissions

    Flexible user permission controls give you complete control for your admin environment.

  • 3rd Party Integration

    One click login into other 3rd part applications like Google Analytics, Clicky, Wordpress and phpMyAdmin.

  • Roll a Blog

    Post, categorize and comment with our simple blogging platform module.



    What You See IS What You Get. FUEL's rich text editor, markItUp!, does not mess with your beautiful code like other WYSIWYG editors (you know who your are)!

  • CodeIgnited!

    Built upon the popular PHP web framework CodeIgniter and works side-by-side with your existing installations

  • Expanded Code Library

    Asset helpers, menu builders, expanded model capabilities with custom record objects and much more!

  • Custom Module Creation

    Easily create custom modules for your clients that give them immediate search, editing and publishing capabilities.

  • Opt-in Controller Development

    Speed up development of simple pages by just creating view files without the need of controller methods. Associate variables to one or more pages just like you would assign routes in CodeIgniter!

  • Site-Wide Validation

    Validate HTML, check page links and determine the weight of your pages with just a few simple clicks